Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization

Understanding the Techniques

What is arthroscopic shoulder stabilization surgery?

The goal of this surgery is to stabilize an unstable shoulder joint. Instability occurs when the humeral head, the ball part of the ball-and-socket joint, dislocates or subluxes from the from glenoid, the socket part of the ball-and-socket joint. Arthroscopic shoulder stabilization surgery involves using small incisions with specialized instruments and a camera to re-attach or repair structures in an unstable shoulder joint. During the surgery, the glenoid labrum may be repaired with sutures and anchors. In addition, the ligaments around the shoulder may be repaired.

What is the recovery like after arthroscopic shoulder stabilization?

The surgery is generally done as an outpatient, meaning you go home the same day of surgery. Patients may be given a special sling to wear to help protect the shoulder. Your surgeon may prescribe physical therapy exercises to help recover your shoulder motion and strength after surgery when it is safe to do so.

How can I learn more about arthroscopic shoulder stabilization?

If you have a history of shoulder pain or instability, contact the specialists at Mobility Bone & Joint Institute to learn more about treatment options.

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