Shoulder Impingement

Understanding Your Condition

What are the symptoms of shoulder impingement?

The most common symptom is shoulder pain. This may be related to certain activities and shoulder positions. Patients may also experience stiffness or limitation in shoulder motion.

What are causes of shoulder impingement?

Shoulder impingement is caused by rotator cuff and bursa impingement against the acromion during shoulder motion. Repetitive overhead activity can cause shoulder impingement symptoms. In addition, aromion shape and bone spurs can predispose patients to this condition.

How is this condition diagnosed?

Shoulder impingement is diagnosed by history, physical examination, and shoulder x-rays. Advanced imaging with shoulder magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may helpful as well.

How is shoulder impingement treated?

The first line treatments for shoulder impingement including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications, activity modification, physical therapy, and cortisone injections. If your symptoms do not respond to conservative treatment, then surgery may be recommended.

How can I learn more about shoulder impingement?

Learn more about shoulder impingement from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Make an appointment with the expert surgeons at Mobility Bone & Joint Institute to discuss your options.

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