Sports & Total Joint Replacement

Steven Andriola, MD
Steven Andriola, MDJoint Replacement & Sports Medicine
Eric Arvidson, MD
Eric Arvidson, MDJoint Replacement & Sports Medicine
Tahsin Ergin, MD
Tahsin Ergin, MDSports Medicine & Shoulder
Papaiah Gopal, MD
Papaiah Gopal, MDEMGs & Nerve Conduction Studies
Adam Harder, MD
Adam Harder, MDJoint Replacement & Sports Medicine
Matthew Hawkins, MD
Matthew Hawkins, MDSports Medicine & Shoulder
Kevin Heaton, DO
Kevin Heaton, DONonsurgical Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
 Robert Scott Runyon, MD
Robert Scott Runyon, MDHip and Knee Replacement (Coming Soon - Oct. 1)

Upper Extremity

Richard Choi, MD
Richard Choi, MDHand & Upper Extremity
Joshua Philbrick, MD
Joshua Philbrick, MDShoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand
Joshua Pletka, MD
Joshua Pletka, MDHand & Wrist, Shoulder & Elbow

Spine Center & Interventional Pain Management

Krishn Khanna, MD
Krishn Khanna, MDSpine
Jenna Meriggi, DO
Jenna Meriggi, DOPhysiatry & Interventional Pain Management
David Palma, MD
David Palma, MDPhysiatry & Interventional Pain Management
Nikhil Thakur, MD
Nikhil Thakur, MDSpine

Rheumatology Center

Beth Biggee, MD
Beth Biggee, MDIntegrative Rheumatology
Bryan Poole, MD
Bryan Poole, MDRheumatology
Samir Shah, DO
Samir Shah, DORheumatology

Podiatry Center

Bobby Kuruvilla, DPM
Bobby Kuruvilla, DPMFoot & Ankle

Orthopaedic PA’s

Matthew Carlson, PA-C
Matthew Carlson, PA-COrthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Diana Dion, CNP
Diana Dion, CNPUpper Extremity & Orthopaedics
Gregory Parks, PA-C
Gregory Parks, PA-CSpine
Matthew Sullivan, PA-C
Matthew Sullivan, PA-CUpper Extremity & Orthopaedics
Jasmine Torrey, PA-C
Jasmine Torrey, PA-COrthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Michaila Parent, PA-C
Michaila Parent, PA-CEvaluation of neck and back pain and Orthopaedic Spine Surgery
Pieter Reppenhagen, PA-C
Pieter Reppenhagen, PA-COrthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Mobility Sports Therapy

Jeffrey Kamuda
Jeffrey KamudaPhysical Therapist
Erin Bickford
Erin BickfordPhysical Therapist
Adam Eaton
Adam EatonOccupational Therapist
Brian Trowbridge
Brian TrowbridgePhysical Therapist Assistant
Kerry Bronson
Kerry BronsonPhysical Therapist Assistant